Soul Readings


Unravel the "Mystery" and "Majesty" of Who You Are

by Yanni Maniates


     What is a Soul Reading?   We all have a Soul level purpose in life and want, deep in our hearts, to express it.  We each have guides, masters and angels who surround and protect us and who can help us to access what our Soul's purpose is. Get in touch with what you most love to do and want to be. Find and become your authentic and empowered self.  Learn to listen to your inner voice and be the master of your life. Yanni, with the help of your guides and angels, would like to assist you in uncovering your Soul's purpose and in learning how to live it.

      A Soul Reading is an opportunity to touch into and connect with yourself at the Soul level. We each are here at this time in order to embody and manifest our own very special, unique, and wonderful array of "gifts" on the earth.  We each have something truly magnificent to express in this lifetime. But our conditioning muddies our perception of ourselves and we wallow around in the quicksand of our limiting beliefs, fears, illusions, and patterns.

      In a Soul Reading your Soul speaks to you, heart to heart.  With the assistance of your guides and angels, images, thoughts, and feelings are brought forth to help you "see" yourself through the eyes and heart of your Soul.  You come to understand yourself as your Soul does.  Your Soul is that part of you that "knows" who you really are, that part of you that unconditionally loves and adores you, always sees the good and true within you, and totally understands your inestimable, infinite value.

      During the session, you receive images, information, and inspirations that help you to "view" yourself in a new way–in the "trueness" of who you are.  Powerful images for healing and growth often come through. As well, advice is given about how you can transform your blockages into blessings.

      There is ample time to ask questions.  Your questions are answered from the eternal perspective of your Soul.  Who you are and where you stand now are seen from this broadest of viewpoints so you can gain deep insight about your present circumstances.

      Description of a session:   Sessions last 40 minutes and are recorded.  They are done over the phone. Yanni begins by "tuning in" to your energies for about a minute or two. Then he shares the images and impressions he receives from your guides and angels.  Since the reading is meant to be interactive, questions are welcomed at any point.

       How to prepare:   Please create a clear intention for what your purpose is in getting a reading.  Ask for the Highest Good to come through for you.  Allow yourself some time to thoughtfully sketch out your intentions, concerns, and questions.  This process will help to create a focus and a gathering point for the energies to converge.

       Why I do this:   For many years I struggled in a deep sense of malaise, but because of the images, inspirations, and messages I received in readings, I gradually began to "see" myself in a clearer light. And by "seeing" myself in this clearer light, I finally stepped into that light and found and became my real Self. I do these readings to help continue to spread this beautiful, empowering, embracing light. These readings are meant to paint a portrait/picture of who you truly are on a Soul level so that you can appreciate your full potential, embody what you came to be and do, and live your life in unending freedom, joy, and growth!

       Cost:  $150 for a 40  minute session.


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