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Spiritual Mentoring Groups in the Tradition of the Ancient Mystery Schools




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*Mentor Classes are currently available as a Correspondence Course.

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    You are invited to:          


  • Be initiated/attuned into a deeper, closer, more direct relationship with your spiritual mentors or guides

  • Learn to connect more directly with your God-self/higher self

  • Gain true mastery of your life

  • Be a master of love

  • Be a master of creation/creativity



    Among the topics we will cover are:          


  • Creating healthy energetic, emotional, and behavioral boundaries

  • Creating clear Intentions

  • Working with and healing your belief systems

  • Using the Violet Flame for clearing karma and energetic  enmeshments and entanglements

  • Using the Archangel Michael process for clearing karma and energetic enmeshments and entanglements

  • Self-healing techniques for physical, emotional, mental, and karmic issues

  • Forgiveness processes

  • Cleansing, healing, balancing and "seeing" Cords

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Hermetic teachings



    More Information:            


  • There are three Levels of Instruction

  • Each Level contains ten hours of instruction spread among four classes

  • Classes are 2 1/2 hours long.

Costs per level (four classes):

  • Level I: $150

  • Level II: $170

  • Level III: $190 

*Participants are asked to commit to one full level (4 classes) at  a time.

*If you miss any of the sessions, tapes will be provided.


For those who can not take these classes in person, Yanni is making available taped sets of each of the Levels.  Please inquire for more details.





“Know Thyself!” 

This has been the clarion call of the Ancient Mystery Schools from time immemorial. The Schools have been meeting places for all who have wanted to come to truly “know” who they are and claim their personal Mastery. The profoundly transforming tools of self-Mastery that were taught in the Schools have been “hidden” for millennia and up until recently available to only a select few. But they are now available to all who sincerely desire to learn them.  One of the great gifts of the times we are now living in is that we all can directly access this knowledge for ourselves.  As well, we can each directly connect with the Masters that embody this wisdom/love and be led by them into a deeper connection with our Selves/Souls.  

We can attain Mastery of our minds, emotions, body, and ego. And when we do, we can live a life that is constantly fed and inspired by the deepest levels of our Soul/Higher Self--a life of Empowerment, Joy, and Love. We can be free of the limitations and myopia of the ego mind.  As an anonymous writer so elegantly stated: 

Cease trying to work everything out with your mind.

It will get you nowhere.

Live by Intuition and Inspiration.

Let your whole life be a Revelation. 

By gaining self-Mastery, we learn how to live in the divine flow of life—free of the fears, worries, and false beliefs that limit us. We can claim our Mastery and leave behind our old, false identities of being victims and powerless.  We can directly access the wisdom of our Soul and base our lives on its inspirations. 

Self-Mastery and empowerment are the birthrights we are all entitled to.  We are being called to accept our true inheritance, one in which we finally realize that we are divine Masters and co-creators of Joy. 

Through the techniques, discussions, and guided meditations that you experience in these classes, you will learn how to realize your own self-Mastery and will truly come to “Know Thyself.”  You will uncover for yourself the mystery and majesty of who you really are.  You will no longer be bound by the old false self-images and enmeshments and entanglements of your past, but will claim the power and freedom to “be true to your Self.”

Come! Enter the doors to the sacred temple of your Soul and find within all the wondrous beauty of Thy Self. 

“Small is the number of those who see with their own eyes

 and feel with their own hearts.”

Albert Einstein














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