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Intuitive Development














Intuition is a "knowing". It is an inner voice that we are all born with. 


Begin to understand and use the natural abilities that are already yours!

Yanni has trained hundreds of people to learn how to listen to this voice within.


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In these classes you will be provided with the guidance and environment within which you can develop your own intuitive abilities

    Among the topics we will cover are:          


  • How being intuitive can provide you with the ability to "sense" or "tune into" information for yourself and others.

  • How learning to trust your intuitive abilities maximizes your opportunities for growth, freedom, and love.

  • Different exercises that can help you to easily hone your skills.



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  • There are over 10 levels of Classes.

We are living in very unique times.  As a human race we are all going through a very accelerated spiritual growth process.  These Intuitive Development Classes provide a setting that can offer support, insights, and enlightened perspectives on all the changes that are occurring.  These Classes are becoming an ever growing and expanding communion of those in the physical and those in the spirit who wish to live in authentic Light and Love.  They are a safe place to directly and regularly connect with All That Is and receive the embrace that heals, understands, and accepts all.





Costs per level: 





  • Email  or call for current class costs

  • Yanni also offers these classes as correspondence classes, please inquire for more details.

  • Yanni is presently offering a series of Advanced Intuitive Development Classes, please inquire.




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