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with Yanni Maniates







Guided Imagery for Healing & Wellness




         Learn how to harness the power of your imagination for Health & Healing.

Guided Imagery is a kind of directed daydreaming, a  way of using the imagination

very specifically to help heal mind and body.  Learn how to harness

the power of your imagination for health & healing!


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  • Learn how to use guided imagery to assist in: lowering high blood pressure, calming one's emotions; shrinking a tumor, rehearsing a successful performance.

  • Experience easy, proven exercises that will help you to learn how to utilize the remarkable power of your mind to optimize your physical and emotional health.

  • Discover the relationship of your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Learn exactly what guided imagery is, why it works, what circumstances make it work best.

  • Learn what to expect when experiencing guided imagery

  • Learn the many different kinds of imagery that have been found by the latest medical research to be effective.

  • Discover how to dip into the rich reserves of your own imagination to stay/become strong, healthy, and fully alive.

Empower yourself!




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