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The Fine Art Meditation:

Certification Course




Come!   Give yourself the gift of these relaxing, rejuvenating,

life-transforming classes!

A three-part certification program that provides all the tools necessary

 to establish a life-long meditation practice.

Currently these classes are being offered as a Correspondence Course.

Please inquire, if you have interest.


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We all want to learn how to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. The Fine Art of Meditation will bring you Joy, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Greater Efficiency in all aspects of your life. 

Learn how to be Mentally and "Meta Physically" fit for the rest of your life.

        You are invited to:        


  • Learn how to calm your mind and really enjoy every moment of your life.

  • Experience time-honored techniques that will bring inner peace & relaxation to every aspect of your life.

  • Discover how to tune and train your mind as an athlete tunes and trains his/her body.

  • Learn relaxation, stress management, visualization, and meditation skills drawn from many traditions, ancient and modern, eastern and western.

  • Discover how to be a Master of your thoughts, feelings, and life.

  • Experience breathing and concentration techniques to calm your mind and improve your health.

  • Learn how to clarify your life's purpose, create abundance, unleash your creativity, awaken your intuitive abilities, change negative patterns, manage pain, and much more.





More Information: 

  • There are three levels of training (see description of each below). 

  • Each level consists of ten hours of instruction.

  • After each level, you will receive a certificate. 

  • A detailed manual is included for each Level.   Manuals include numerous meditation scripts and an abundance of information on the value of and uses for meditation. 


There are three levels of training, consisting of ten hours of instruction:

Level One - Some topics covered in Level One:
  • What is Meditation? 
  • How to do it?

  • How to develop your practice of Meditation.
  • Learning how to relax.
  • Learning how to clear, watch, tame, and Master your mind.
  • Meditation and the breath.
  • The physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of Meditation.
  • Mastering and calming your thoughts. 
  • The power of visualization for healing and stress management. 

  • Meditation in "Real" Life.

  • "On the Go" Meditations.



Level Two - A deepening of one's meditation practice with more advanced techniques and information:

  • Attitudes and tips to create a successful & effective Meditation practice.

  • The stages of Meditation.

  • Techniques to learn how to work with Meditation and the Chakras to find balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Specific applications of meditation/visualization for support in physical healing (pain management, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and immune system disorders, insomnia, injuries, etc.).

  • Meditation for healing emotional issues ("emotional first-aid").

  • Mediation for accessing one's creativity and intuition.



Level Three - What you can expect:

  • Stories and Quotes for Further Deepening Your Practice.
  • More on the Chakras and Meditation.
  • More on Creativity and Meditation.
  • Scientific Findings on the Efficacy of Meditation.
  • More meditation practice and experiences.

Cost of Classes: 

  • $180 per level  (includes a detailed manual for each level).

  • Participants are asked to commit to one Level (ten hours) at a time.

  • If you have to miss a class, tapes of the class will be provided.

  • For those who can not take these classes in person, Yanni is making available taped sets of each of the Levels.  Please inquire for more details.



 Class Descriptions

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