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Yanni Maniates, MS, CMI,

I have been teaching Meditation, Intuitive Development, Healing and metaphysical subjects for over twenty years.  As well, I have been doing intuitive counseling for the past fifteen years.   I am certified in numerous holistic modalities and have studied and practice many esoteric healing modalities.

The primary focus of all my work is to help people experience the “still, small voice within” or as I call it: “the Embrace.”  For it is here where I believe that all true healing originates.

Over twenty years ago I was blessed with an experience of profound "Embrace" while in meditation which radically changed my life.  Since then it was crystal clear to me that I not only wanted to deepen that experience for myself, but also wanted, even more, to help others find it for themselves.  This is why I have taught and developed numerous programs in Intuitive Development, Meditation, and Self-Mastery.  My work is focused on integrating the Divine Feminine into one's life.

I am married twenty-eight years to my soul-mate and dearest friend, Jaime.  We are very blessed to be the parents of our wonderful, master-teacher of joy and of “living in the moment” fourteen year-old son, Sean. 

I have published books, articles, and three Meditation CDs. As well, I have created certification programs in Meditation and Intuitive Development. 

I have published the award winning book and audio package entitled: Magical Keys to Self-Mastery: Creating Miracles in Your Life.   It recently was Amazon's # 1 best-selling Kindle book on Meditation

I am the co-author with Susan Apollon of a  book, audio and online course entitled: Intuition is Easy and Fun:  The Art and Practice of Developing Your Natural Born Gift of Intuition.

In addition, I have produced an inspirational flash movie entitled: Living from the Inside Out (www.insideoutjourneys.com/movie.html) and numerous tele-classes, email courses and online mini-courses on Intuition, Spirituality and Self-Mastery.   See my primary web site: www.InsideOutJourneys.com

I am the founder and director of the Life Mastery Institute


  A Few Testimonials:

I have studied with Yanni for almost 4 years.  He excels at teaching interesting & challenging ideas with ease.  So many people struggle with understanding what life is all about.  Yanni has made it so easy for me to understand & given me the self-confidence to use what I've learned.  He has provided me with a safe place to learn & propelled me along my spiritual path.  The simple art of meditation had always escaped me until Yanni taught me how.  Now it's a daily ritual that feeds my soul.                                                             Lori Moynihan, Boulder, CO

Yanni’s humility, gentleness and heart are what make him a unique and special teacher, a gift to me and all his students.  If one is ready for a journey to the heart—to listen to the heart—to let our heart and not our head lead, he/she will find Yanni’s classes filled with spiritual/soul food that will nourish and assist him/her in living at a higher vibration, one that is filed with gratitude and love and that is joy. 

After completing the Mentor with the Masters classes I found myself letting go of the “victim” way of living and replacing it with the knowledge that I am a master.  Living this has increased the peace and joy in my life.  “A true master will always return another to themselves,” this quote given to me in one of Yanni’s classes best describes how Yanni empowers us, the students.  As he says; “If you follow anyone but yourSelf, you will surely get lost."  It has truly been a journey of love!                                                      Susan DeLorenzo, Washington Crossing, PA



Taking classes with Yanni has been like taking accelerated courses in spiritual/intuitive growth and development.  I was beginning to develop in those areas before taking his courses, but he has helped me open myself to skills and gifts I never even knew existed for me.  My life has been enriched in ways I could never have imagined were possible.  Sue Ludovici, Boulder, CO

I have known Yanni for over 15 years and have learned a great deal from him about how to truly enjoy life.  His classes continue to bring me renewed awareness and happiness.  Mike Burkhard, Randolph, NJ

Namaste Yanni: You have some very important assets as healers ~ the ability to listen without an attitude, the nurturing nature of a mother, and gentle good energy.  Anatol Zinchenko, Ph.D., Trenton, NJ



If you are experiencing burnout, stress, a depressed mood, feeling disconnected from yourself, others and God, and/or lacking self confidence and self worth, then, studying intuitive development with Yanni, a Master teacher, will re-empower you, while at the same time, revitalizing and replenishing  you, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

 Yanni’s classes are warm, joyful experiences, filled with the most wonderful energy of unconditional acceptance and love. His meditations are as tender, gentle and loving as the lullaby a mother hums to her baby; yet, they have the power to enable you to transcend the present and carry you to the most sacred of all places, deep within your soul, where there is only truth, clarity, wisdom and love.

With Yanni, you come to recognize your own divinity, and, in the process, you find the secret to healing your soul and finding peace.  The lovely thing about being on an intuitive journey with Yanni is that you can feel the presence of the Masters, guides and angels right there with you, at your side, guiding, supporting, encouraging and applauding your journey. Imagine how extraordinary and delightful this is!

Whether you study with Yanni or listen to one of his beautiful meditation CDs, you will be giving yourself a special gift – a priceless, precious gift for you and your soul.  Enjoy!    Susan Apollon, Yardley, PA, author of "Touched by the Extraordinary." http://www.touchedbytheextraordinary.com/




I have participated in Yanni’s “ self awareness” program for about 4 years, and have experienced immeasurable growth and expansion. His programs weren’t labeled “self-awareness”; but that’s what I ultimately gained through the process. Yanni is a fountain of spiritual knowledge and wisdom who gently exposes you to you, in your highest form. His approach is so inclusive that his teachings transcend any specific dogma or philosophy, in that it is older than time and doesn’t fit into a container.  

I joined Yanni’s Intuitive Development Circles as, what I would label, an initiate. I had been exposed to teachings and environments, but Yanni helped me take it to another level. A level where I could comfortably experience energy, communicate with my higher self and those that surround me, along with developing a different sense of who “I” was when I looked into the mirror. His guidance, direction and thought provoking style have been a catalyst for my wanting to learn and connect. At a certain point I realized that my learning didn’t exist in books, but existed in me. 

I thank Yanni for being who he is, and highly recommend his approach to anyone who is open to seeking the path of knowledge and enlightenment.                           Linda Marshall, Chicago, IL











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